Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd.

10.09.15Chrysanthemum Courtyard

The courtyard takes shape, providing all living units with day light and shared public space. More like this

05.30.14Chrysanthemum Milestone Met!

KVA completes 90% Construction Documents for the Chrysanthemum Building More like this

12.11.14Local Fabricators

KVA visits a local metal working shop to mill the Chrysanthemum Building screen. More like this

02.16.16Chrysanthemum Fabrication!

Innovative revolving jig used for the ornamental screen on the Chrysanthemum Building! More like this

09.22.14Chrysanthemum Building wins

KVA’s Chrysanthemum Building receives a Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction. More like this

12.12.14Excavation Underway

Chrysanthemum Building excavation is almost complete in the North End. More like this

09.13.14Chrysanthemum Breaks Ground!

Watch this vacant lot in Boston's North End transform with the new Chrysanthemum Building. More like this


Chrysanthemum Building documents head out to the City of Boston as beginning of construction nears. More like this


KVA Chrysanthemum Building design team gathers to enjoy a rare moment of Spring. Almost. More like this

12.06.13Chrysanthemum Building

Frano introduces the innovative Chrysanthemum project team to Mayor-elect Marty Walsh More like this

09.17.13Chrysanthemum Building

KVA issues SD set for innovative new Chrysanthemum Loft Building in Boston More like this

05.22.15Chrysanthemum Steel!

KVA's Alex Shelly (R) on site at the Chrysanthemum Building reviewing steel. More like this

09.22.15Wood Framing Begins

Wood framing on the Chrysanthemum Building begins in Boston's North End. More like this

09.24.15Chrysanthemum Framing

Second floor framing complete on KVA's Chrysanthemum Building. More like this

11.11.15Chrysanthemum construction

Check out our Vimeo to see our latest drone footage of the Chrysanthemum building construction. More like this

11.30.15Flexible Lofts Take Shape

The large living lofts at KVA's Chrysanthemum Development are designed to adapt to user needs. More like this

11.30.15Micro Units!

Boston's first micro-units open onto outdoor terrace. Street life rules! More like this


The scaffolding comes off the Chrysanthemum Building to reveal new North-End brickwork. More like this

04.17.16Sky Court

Window lights installed in the Chrysanthemum Building courtyard. More like this

05.24.16Chrysanthemum Screen: FlatPak

Flat pack screen ready for assembly then installation on the Chrysanthemum building. More like this

11.30.16Going for Gold

KVA tests the digital rope trellis at the Chrysanthemum Building in Boston's North End. More like this

12.05.16Chrysanthemum Screen Fabrication

Ferrousity Inc puts finishing touches on the Chrysanthemum Building ornamental screen. More like this

03.03.17The Unveiling

The Chrysanthemum Building's ornamental screen is installed in Boston's North End. More like this

08.22.18The Real Stair Master

Bob White and the KVA team install the ash stair in the Chrysanthemum Building. More like this